Elegance Ceramic Wax Melter in White

Elegance Ceramic Wax Melter in White


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The Elegance Ceramic Wax Melter in White with its large well is perfect for all our wax melts and tarts. With its high gloss finish it looks expensive and has a stylish feel.

Packaged in a box and perfect for a gift for a friend, family member, colleague or yourself.

We recommend 2 wax melts are used in the well of these burners, if insufficient wax is in them it can produce some smoke from the well while they are burning. After testing this here at Smuu, we found with 2 wax melt hearts there was minimal to no smoke from these burners. Do not however over fill them!

Only use a MAXIMUM of a 4 hour tea light in these burners!

Due to these burner being handmade, there may be some surface imperfections or ripples (These will be minor!) but this will not effect the functionality of the burner.

Due to packaging and handling, a wipe with a clean cloth/duster before use is advised to remove marks/dust.

Approximately 11.5cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 8cm (D)

Tea lights and melts not included.

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