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Sun Washed Linen Wax Snaps


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Sun Washed Linen is the perfect scent of fresh laundry out drying on the washing line. A great fragrance for kitchens and bathrooms, or just where you want that fresh, clean scent without the work!

Our Wax Snaps are still handmade with all the love and care of our other melts, but with a snappable slab like a chocolate bar (But NOT for eating!!). Each bar weighs 65g Approx of Soy wax, fragrance and a little sparkle. We recommend 1-2 slabs at a time for your warmer. The slab comes in biodegradable packaging and is compostable! Perfect for a gift or just to treat yourself.

To use your wax melt, just pop one on to your wax warmer or oil burner. Allow to melt and enjoy the aroma. Dispose of the wax melt once the fragrance has gone. 

As each bar is hand poured, weights can vary slightly but are a MINIMUM of 65g. Colours/Glitter may vary.

Due to the shape and look of these melts, DO NOT LEAVE NEAR CHILDREN OR PETS!

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